monday 19/07/2010

Lao full + 150k in complement? C'mon... his complement values 10k, not more smiley

I really need this pm me or msg me at bottom

I have 64 orlandos now

I want to trade 130 Brittany (300 each (full exp)) for a Smokey Cr and a Dalhia


Soz guys, its gone!

I need this alot, but I am not that rich so can any body give it to me for 15,000-20,000clintz?

sunday 18/07/2010

I'm buying Neloe for 700. put her in my privatse sells!

Auction time has passed and I have had no contact from the seller, sorry but my offer is now not valid as I need the cards for other trades. If you are still interested in selling pm me when you get back online and we can try and work another deal out.

Close this please. smiley

Hi, I sell or exchange my fantastic Rass cr 0 exp.
I'm interested in Vickie cr, Alec cr, Kolos, Jackie, Caelus and Ongh. I'm also interested on cash.
Make your offer and I will negociate with you. Including cards on pack will make price go down.
Thank you mods.

Ok i will pay 2750 send it through to me as a private sale

Ulrich, scubb = 2.5k

Im willing to pay 9k for dalhia



You guys could also PM me your requests if you have any. I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

Sell it to me

5 0exp Baldovino
5 full Baldovino
for 20k
and also an eklore for 13k

pm me, thanks

Would you trade Kinjo for my Veronica Dan Frank sunder luba and ronald?

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