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thursday 16/06/2011

I am just loking for jackie now

Any offers? still up for trade/sell

I'm looking for 7-8 Dallas'. I'll trade Vermyn N? PM me offers. Thanks for posting mods.

How many Jackie cr are you looking for your Manon cr smiley

Kolos (for reference)

Are you interrested by a Tanaereva Cr (pm me your answer smiley)

Close this please, i have sold the page

wednesday 15/06/2011

Do you have any All stars ?? ( i have Steve 0xp)

20,000 Clintz for Shaakarti ?

U have general ? or lyse?

Btw dahlia is 0 exp

Looking for around 1.150.000 in clintz or cards for Sum sam Cr full, I'll consider all offers

4 lucas
2 beef
3 zhu tang
6 karmov
6 ernst
2 bruce
4 laura
4 ace
3 ewdin
2 cherry
20 ivana
3 amy
Aurelia pfull
2 martha
5 otto
6 ulawele
7 bianca
20 negodz

I trade this cards for 2 uranus+coby,but I can accept every offer smiley

To be clear, that's your Graks for my Smokey CR. message me if interested. thanks!

I am also accepting smokey cr with 10k

I am looking to trade for a Nahi Cr at any Xp (96-100K)
I will trade my Swidz cr (Full Xp~70K) and 26-30K in cards

Thanks mods, as always, for posting

tuesday 14/06/2011

I'd like 25 0xp deea, how much do u charge for? PM me.

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