saturday 04/09/2010

By the time I posted this, Kerozinn was about 160k. My bad. I'll just add more depending on the market changes. Just PM me to negotiate.smiley

I would like anyone to please offer me an unevolved 0xp of Lyse Teria for 3 million clintz.


I know this is a big ask, but...........

could someone please buy my Smokey Cr for like 30,000???

Please close this thread

friday 03/09/2010

I also have another Tanaereva "Cr" 0xp that I can trade with smiley

Change my Marlysa cr full
for 6 tanaereva 0xp

(not each)

I wnat to trade my jautya for a miranda and a johnsmileysmileysmiley

Hello, I have 1 Smokey Cr and I would like to trade it and 20k of clintz for your Alec Cr. Thankssmiley

I want a quick deal 1335 clintz for DON please just put it in my Private sales

Shes at 23k
Dagg (12750) Kobalth (3.1k) C Wing(4.8k) Deea (2.2K) C Blade (450) Lergh(500) Onyx(1.2K) = 25000

Im giving them all to you below market can you give me the 2k diference? really need the money

Selling both cr cards together for 950k you save over 150k

Selling sum sam cr 960k im looking for clintz only no trades

Still looking smiley

They mean it. The reason I put it on the French forum is because their auction rules are very, very strong. If you bid and can't pay, the mods pick things from your collection to make the deal go through; if you can't pay, they blacklist you. Hopefully we'll develop equally strong seller protections here smiley

I just noticed I forgot to put a x2 by Dwan, and add in x2 Oshistune

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