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monday 04/10/2010

Up plz smiley

He is creating an army of tree herders.smileysmiley

Can be closed now i have an offer

All gone mods please close.

No lamar sorry.............. now i'm serching for 2 tanaereva cr + clintz.............

I have a Jane Ramba's but only card I'm looking for is a Copper.

Selling 0 xp jay for around 19k. if you have any cards to offer that u think is worth this jay please pm me. and once again please PM ME! do not post here because chances are i will not check this post again. (slight chance that i might but dont take the risk)

sunday 03/10/2010

Aww I sold sol hona. But I'll compensate with clintz if that's fine

Ok, the auction ends, I'm sorry but the offers aren't enough. smiley

Looking to buy both Copper and Coby I have 24K. Pm me if interested and we can possibly work out a deal. Thanks

''For instance, you might offer me 5 Amiral Py Cr for Page Cr ''
i'll take your page for admirals ! smiley pm me if you like it


In alternative 8 mona + 5.000 clintz for 1 tanaereva cr

No need to post here if you have your cards up for auction already smiley

Azgroth 0XP for Wardog and SkrumxxT?

I would like to buy all these GHEIST 0xp
stringe 145
mini mund 300
nina 200
gheistling 150
darth 300

pm me your offer

don't reply hear please
thanks mods

..for a dj korr full + complement.

tnx modssmiley

... If you add clintz maybe, otherwise... useless search smiley

As I have said the deal Is negotiable

And no spam please smiley

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