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tuesday 05/04/2011

Bump for the late crowd.

monday 04/04/2011

Looking to trade these bulks:

Belgosi bulk of 34 (20 0xp)
Heegrn 200(100 0xp -100 full)
Neloe 193 fulls
Magda 184 fulls
Sunder 98 fulls
Herman 30 (10 0xp)
Numar 11(8 0xp)
Lovhak 96 (12 0xp)

I'm looking for crs and graks'. I'm open for negotiations, send me a pm with a reasonable offer.
thanks mods!

Hi, i am keep going to search Selina !

This is my estimation for selina
Selina 0xp : 5500
Selina full : 5350

I can offer these cards with my estimation:
Dregn 0xp : 55 000
Oflgn 0 xp : 7300
C beast 0xp : 6500
Deea 0xp : 2750
Krung 0xp : 1600
Ahkab 0 xp : 11 000
Diyo Cr 0xp : 48 000
Tanaereva Cr Full : 120 000 0xp : 123 000

If you don’t like these cards u can contact me for more offers with cash also !
Thx MoD smiley

Sum sam full + 10k

Sold. Close Please smiley

sunday 03/04/2011

I change my:
Vickie Cr + Kolos + Complement for your Lamar Cr, Contact by PM smiley

I will sell my maxed out morphun to anyone for 15000

How much do you value for both 0xp Robb and Caelus? that's basic info

I am trading my marlysa Cr for 13 Caelus Cr

thx mods

I buy Ngrath 380 each one or 63 Ngrath 's to 23.000 clintz.


I'd like to buy a splata CR for 220k . Send me a Pm for a faster response.

Tessa cr for vickie cr and kolos, grakmxxt and charlie

Suzie aurora elvira lea glosh anita steve for 2 serena + 2 selina

So... what u want 4 copper?
Coz i dont have any junkz mateeyy

I want to buy charlie for 29000 clintz at any level.

Or my piranas card + clintz for a charlie

I want cards full or 0xp ; vichie + kerozin ; clints ...
Send me a MP if you are interested.


Starting a new thread for just Kiki Cr. The market seems a little crazy for DJ at the moment so I'm looking for a fair trade up starting at the order of 500k in cash/Cr's. I am willing to go up but not to 3M or whatever some people are currently asking. Feel free to post or PM me, thanks.

Thanks mods.

Mods you may close this thread, I will start a new one for just Kiki Cr.

Thanks for the offers, General Cr is now sold.

saturday 02/04/2011

Thursday 16/07
A bit old don't you think? smiley

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