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friday 04/03/2011

I have found a Berserkgirl Cr already smiley so now Shawoman Cr would be the only acceptable compliment smiley

Looking to buy Rowdy for 9k if possible.

PM me please. Thanks

Trade a award cr 0 exp for 2 jackie full, or one jackie and other cards

i don't look for packs of cards, i don't look for uppers

pm please

Have someone doing the first option. closing.

I found a Miss Twice Cr so I'm going to close this subject now
-thanks mods-

Looking to get a Leviatonn 1 star for about 8k i have some doubles im willing to thow in take a look at my sales plz

Just added them all up and it came up to approximately 49,469 but i will throw in 600 clintz to make it an even 50k

i'm looking for cr's so if you have jackie cr or i will throw in the difference in clintz


Updated offer (praxie price drop)
my praxie max: 11400
for your
Noodile cr 0xp 9900
lovhak: ~1.5k

My Tessa Cr FULL x Vickie Cr + Tanaereva Cr + Ongh

Drop one caelus and u got a deal

I got me 350+ Randy, and I want to have 0-. I'm looking for any reasonable offer, for almost any card. Just one thing: I'd rather trade all my Randy for a more expensive card versus, say, Gina Glitt.

Yes, I have 0xp.

To buy them - Market price starting price.

PM me for faster responses.

I offer 60k for the lot

Im interested in your tanaereva cr. i have several jackies

thursday 03/03/2011

Funny i just bought one for 27k smiley

I've almost everything except maybe Rootz. Pm me what you have for trade. =]

If you dont want this to be considered begging i suggest putting up a list of cards you have for trade.

Looking for multiples of kyle, will pay 265 each in priveate sale.

or i do have cards to trade with such as, sylth and kenny etc...

Ok...people.....I have had some very tempting offers in the past couple of days.....but I am still weighing my options......this Awesome Ape seems to be getting offers of close to 7M smiley on the market and French boards and I have a feeling the price will not be dropping any time soon smiley

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