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friday 10/09/2010

Made, thanks mode, you can close smiley

Hi i am selling my Fang Pi Clang (all at max lv.) which consists of Chan, Macumba, Endo, Nakata, Sai San, Sung Tsu, Sayura, Yu Mei, Yumi, and Yusuke. The sale prices are as follows:

Chan- 1700
Macumba- 1100
Nakata- 520
Sai San- 380
Sung Tsu- 2000
Sayura- 220
Yu Mei- 575
Yumi- 300
Yusuke- 520

If you wish to trade, i am looking for GHEIST, La Junta, Sentinel, and Skillz. PM me any offers you have. Thanks in advance.

I am interested in Ndololo Cr (max 2 stars) and in big blocks of 0xp cards.
I am selling 150x of Chlora, 20x Shakra, 1x Marlysa Cr, 1x Kerozinn Cr, 10x Leviatonn, 5x Yayoi pre-lvl 3, 25x Eklore, 10x Ghumbo and some other stuff on demand.

Contact me in private please.

Hi, i'm currently buying Deea 0xp for 2300 clintz and Neloe 0xp for 400 clintz, anyone interested send them to private sales.

Thanks in advance.

sorry mods, ill just sell it on the market.. its too hard to sell it all in 1 day

I have a tanaereva cr and a morphun, if you have this, we can make a deal smiley

Program Change: the auction ends now. Thank moderators can close this forum

2 000 Clintz.

I Want a avatar and im giving 2000 Clintz for it , i want a backround that looks nice with the picture, the cards i want on are either:

Eloxia ( Level which Best suits you )
Ray ( Level 5 )
Tomas ( Level 4 )
Or Ill Add 10 Jessica Full Xp if the avatar is your own.

And i wont give the cards and clintz out unless i like the avatar ( No point in buying it if i dodnt like it )

Thank you

No , sorry , close plz

"and" or "or"?

Sellimg a 3* oflgn at 6250, PM me if interested

thursday 09/09/2010

Buy my 3100 dependel SkrumxxT market has clintz lowest price will be 100

I have shawoman cr , but the prices are low please talk with me about sell in a higher price thanks u =)

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