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thursday 09/09/2010

Got jay... buying eloxia for 9.5k... lol

Looking for a Dj or a kiki cr,

i can pay with lyse terya cr + marlysa cr 0 xp + other crs if necessary.

tnx modssmiley

Trade done with LR_jldl, trustful player smiley

Im buying Jay and i can pay 15k for him

Frickah got it

Also for trades:
tanaereva cr full
beltran cr 0xp
lamar cr 0xp
kerozinn cr 0xp
diyo cr 0xp
dwain cr 0xp
thaumaturge cr 0xp

i want a fair trades and also looking for jackie thnkssmiley

thx at all

A awards gone 2 diyo 0 xp left and acquired a thaumathurge full xp to trade... check me out pm me

PM sent with offer


Zomg 105 k XD pm me if you wanna trade it for market value

I'm selling each of these Leader cards, fully maxed, for no more than 100 Clintz. I'll go as low as 50 Clintz for anyone interested.


Thanks a lot twars23 smiley

wednesday 08/09/2010

Thanks to the seller... Don't need him anymore...

Got a trade... close thread mods thanks prim... your the man!


I'm looking to buy a Tessa Cr for 195,000 clintz or less.

Please respond by private message if interested.

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