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wednesday 02/03/2011

That's for full evolution, 0xp selling price is 170k

I want to trade my two 0xp bloodhs for your 2 rowdys any xp. I can add clintz if necessary. pm me or post here

Thanks TheUnholyOrc smiley Please do it barn yard

Y not just train them...

Those cards r easyer to buy, u realize tht, don't you? I got all of them in one pack, it isn't hard to get those sorry cardz... so i would say no to ur offer, sorry...

Im willing to trade my Kolos and my Lin Xia for a fair amount of cards + clintz fro the Clans listed below
and Vortex
any card or cards with or without clintz from any of these clans will be brought in consideration for Trade. If you are willing, a Kolos and a Lin Xia card will both be gained. Only if it is a fair offer... But i will not just acsept an amount of Clintz it will not be a trade if so.

tuesday 01/03/2011

Change uppers complet full val 42k not cr s
for tsubame hattory chang fei linda val 39k
its great change
its all
thanks mod

Sorry error not is tessa sorrysmiley

I'm trading my 7 Amiral Py Cr for your.....

2 Caelus (0xp) smiley

I would also consider trading for a Shawoman Cr or possibly for other good Cr's.....feel free to send me any reasonable offer smiley

Deal done smiley

please close and thank you smiley

Armanda Cr is gone.......So just the Scarlett Cr 0xp is still available for this trade smiley

How about 0xp vickie cr, 0xp jackie cr, 0xp smokey cr, 0xp arno, full grezzio, full mona, full zatman, and 40,000 clintz now that's over a 20,000 profit for you!

Still got a 0xp jackie?

2 jackie cr full

My stricker, maria, rowdy and 10k in clints for your diyo cr, page cr, or seldnor cr.
I didnt know how to word it right but to eliminate possible confusion thats my 3 cards plus clints for any one of the cr's listed. pm me for faster response.

I am buying any Marina or Uranus
Marina 8.5k full - 8.7k 0xp a head
Uranus 12k full - 12.5k 0xp a head

PM me
Thanks Modssmiley

monday 28/02/2011

I want to buy a alec cr for 65000 please

15x z3e0 d34d , (4 0xp) at 5300 each,

Also take Crs or Marina(8000 each) for trade

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