wednesday 14/07/2010

Good luck with those prices all of them above market price

Plz close Thank You

Close this one, already bought one smiley

Will sell 7 Orlandos and 7 Elixir.

BID START at 2.2k ??? wooooooooooooooooooots .

1.3k Is the leading bid

But Ambre does turn a bad starter card (Simon) into a Lyse Teria Cr smiley

I'm selling my leader Eyrik for 3000, will go less but nothing below 2000

I thought u were sellin

Ill will buy her for 15.5k.

Will no offers for now ... so i guess ill sell them myself .

ohh and Ppl who dont know you dont have to ask mods to close your subject >.> you can do it yourself .

im just sick of Seeing Ppl still say Please close so im just saying you can do it your self if you Look at the upper right corner Lol .

tuesday 13/07/2010

I checked the prices with my collection...what youre trying to sell isnt worht 35 k smiley its worth 30k at the most

Title says it all

Jay 0xp for louse,rolph and rubie

It ma y be closed down!

thanks modssmiley

So i changed my mind its not like you cant cancel your sales

Jessie is no longer up neither is oflgn and the only cards i need are Gatline and thormund

Sry i already got her deleted

smiley im so happy smiley

I am trading my 2 vickie cr 0xp for multiple amounts of caelus. Pm me or post here
Thanks mods smiley

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