sunday 29/08/2010

All max xps

and man u 12101 up please

saturday 28/08/2010

Now x 58 and still 188 each or all plus 4042 clintz for sylth.

URA_allaballa....if you have her why did you send this message " i dont have or want :/ "

CivicPup...thanks for the help

I have Eloxia closing thread

I'll trade ya for Tyd, Tula, Bloodh, and Andsom. What you want on the list?

Yeah... i need to sell her very quickly, full xp, will sell for about 19k( negotiable) or trade for any card with valued from 18-20k( compensation is welcomed and provided)

Yes we do bad deal

I sell my beltran cr for 57500 cash or exchange it in cards for 59000
i sell my page cr for 22500 cash or exchange it in cards for 24000

thank modsmiley

I got spiagini who do u have to trade for him



All for 9k clintz
or Root/Junkz worth just about that

Thank smiley

Ok ill add up a dalhiasmiley

Yoo ill take Petra: 2600
Sigma: 2500
Uranus: 7300
private sale me when u can thanks

You can hassle the prices lol..

Looking for around 60k in offers. Can also be sold in groups of 30+.

Thanks. smiley

Buying banger cards nothing above 2000 clintz

Nah sorry close please

You reall have over 2millin in clintz? smiley

friday 27/08/2010

Spent a crapload of credits and got 3 of 4 new chars my loss is your gain.

I will trade one of each of the new chars and some new blood fodder for Eloxia. Get what your missing and help me do the same. Trade and spend your credits on other packs. PM for faster response

fodder: 0xp unless otherwise stated

6x Janice 2*
7x Yumi
3x Pesth
3x Raeth
6x Katja
6x Aigwon
2x Embolt
3x Vince
3x Wendy
1x Naheema
3x Cliff
1x Harold

PM for faster response

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