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tuesday 07/09/2010

Nice offer. Too bad my supply of Cliff won't reach. smiley


First, I'm swapping General Cr for Guru + Marlysa Cr or 800k in other cards.

Second, I've for a slew of Soliel Cr's and small Cr's that I'd like to trade for more valuable cards, particularly copies of Vickie Cr, Alec, Cr and/or Marlysa Cr. Available for exchange are Ambrose Cr, 2 Miss Twice Cr, Jim Cr 0XP, 2 A Award 0XP, Beltran Cr 0XP, Selsya Cr, Dwain Cr, Skullface Cr, Swidz Cr 0XP, 4 Seldnor Cr (2 0XP, 2 full), 3 Diyo Cr (2 0XP, 1 full), 2 Geuner Cr, 2 Page Cr, 3 Chad Bread Cr 0XP, 3 Terry Cr full, Chikko Cr full, Amiral Py Cr full. PM me to hash out details; I'll offer a small premium vs. market rates for these deals.

Scarlett Cr is gone. General Cr is still available.

Close this thread trade done

I will buy A Award Cr private for 54000 clintz

Already sold sorry

I am selling my Shawoman Cr for 650K cash, post your offers or pm me, we can negotiate the price..
Thanks mods..

Lookin to buy Bogdan, from the Freaks ( 8 power, 4 damage, SOA ability), for 3.6k.

Able to negotiate, but I won't go higher that 3.7k.

So, PM me, or u can simply post here, cuz I will check the thread regularly.

Thank u, Mods, for accepting.

Thanking in advance,


Depends on the card jas7253.
Cause I'm looking for clintz. So I'll need to sale it fast smiley

Selling Tanaereva Full for 100k in cards or clintz..

I have a tessa 0 xp looking for trade for your full tessa + complement... pm me thanks

Please close mods!

Tanaereva cr 0 xp + 2 bryans for 4 jackie. my last offer. thanks mods.

Im looking for preferably jackies and zatmans but open to others

Hi everyone,

Im looking for some of the cheaper crs:
Seldnor cr
Cassio Cr
Swidz Cr
Diyo Cr
Page Cr
Geuner Cr

Have around 20k in Clintz (gave a lot of money for my Tanas and Kreens smiley) and some Bulks and Cards like
5* Baldovino 0Xp
some Kreen Cr
10* Piort, 6 0Xp
Greems, Caelus, Manfreds etc. ( no Jay and noch chiara)

Hope to get any responds smiley

Thanks Mods!


I'm trading Kreen Cr for a Kolos. I think that's equal...

Thanks! PM me with offers.

Please send pvt msg, thx

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