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tuesday 25/01/2011

Close please thanks smiley

What Fang Pi Clang do you want for kenny?



Close please. smiley

Taljion, Ulrich, Rhed

Avatar is the picture left to ur name

Can I have an electric style one with thrill on the top and seeker on the bottom


@ The Flash no...

monday 24/01/2011

Sorry for not being able to offer the cards you want, but I offer this for your Thaumaturge Cr.
32 Harold Full
10 Raeth Full
4 aylen 0xp

Would you do 11000?

Can u buy single cards if u hv doubles thanks smiley

Finally got my card. thanks everyonesmiley

You need to put them in your DECK , and then u need to remove the cards u dont need from your DECK you can't have less then 8 cards in your possetion

Alright i am looking for Cr's, i am trading my collection of clans

Entire set of All Stars except lamar cr (approximate 59,400 clintz)

Entire set of Bangers except Sum sam cr (approximate 82,400 clintz)

Entire set of Junkz except Dj korr cr and berserkgirl cr (approximate 78,100 clintz)

Entire set of La Junta except flavio cr and general cr (approximate 74,500 clintz)

Entire set of Roots except Kiki cr, beltran cr nahi cr, page cr and ndololo cr (approximate 39,700 clintz)

Entire set of Ulu Watu except Tanaereva cr and rass cr (approximate 83,100 clintz)

please contact me through PM not through here, and remember i'm not trading individual cards from these clans i'm trading the entire clan.

Point to note.When you sold Kiki , you valued general at 4.5M and Lyse at 5M and now General is valued at 5.4M.
No offense meant but just a point that i couldnt help noticing,.
Anyway Good Luck!.Most others have a good value smiley

I can give you Emeth for 17k. Just send me a message

Sorry to tell you buddy but i seriously doubt anyone is willing to part with a Cr for 800 clintz

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