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monday 06/09/2010

Ill give 3 kreen and a ongh for a tan man smiley

I am buying a Tanaereva, which MUST be 0exp for 90k. I am also buying a Smokey, fully leveled for 20k. I also have cards I can trade for these, so either post or pm me if you are interested.

I would like to trade my Ombre CR for a 0xp Vickie but other sensible offers will also be considered and can be negotiated. smiley

Thanks mods! smiley

Done deal. Please close. smiley

Sold! Close please, thankssmiley

2 pino have been sold!!!
13 left!!!

Beltran 50 k

Please Some one !

No are : 50 0xp 44 full 6 2*

This offer is not legit anymore smiley

Morphun has left the Elo buidling.

Im selling a tana 0xp for 107k..
or trade to your cards + clintz???

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Got him, you can close this Moderators.

No one trading their guru cr?

mac hen
acid dc
gina glitt
coraille all gone
gran vista
orlando all gone
jenny all gone
these are gone

An estimate of 500 or so are 0xp, then another 100 are between 0xp and max and the rest are max

Hello, I'm tading full set of Non Cr La Junta for.... either.

.Full Non Cr set of jungo+20k, Or istead of 20k Dagg and C wing.
.Full set of Piranas including Smokey Cr.
.Full Set Of Vortex.
.Or just 69k.

thx mods

Willing to sell lamar (1k under the lowest current market price) right now is 180k already on the market or trade for the right deal.

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