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wednesday 26/01/2011

Im willing to work on something wether it be all money or partial trade and money for vickie cr please. We can discuss the details when you message me. Thanks, I wont waste your time.

FYI, these lots are currently valued at 100,000 & Tanaereva cr is selling around 93-95,000. Good Deal! smiley

When i made this auction cliff was about 1600/head smiley

10 Noodile Cr ( Valued at 8250 Each ) = 82500
10 Noodile Cr For 95 000 Clintz ???????????

Thx everybody, especially mods. I already accepted the deal smiley

Please close this i have morphun

Hi i would like to trade a 0exp vickie cr for a full exp vickie cr + 6k, please PM!! me

What do i got for Kolos

1 geuneur cr full + 2 jackie 0 xp

Hi i would like to buy a vickie cr for 185k, first in my ps will be bought thanks i need her smiley

What 4 1 kolos

How about smokey cr?

I propose a Pulsar. Deal mate? To me Pulsar is worth 5.1 million and Guru is worth 4.5 million, so make up the difference in a Marlysa, preferably 0xp smiley

2 Tanman Cr Full
2 Jackie Cr Full
3 Noodile Cr Full

Hi How Did You Get A Ector??

600 apiece or trade for Crs

tuesday 25/01/2011

For Guru cr + 2M Cr/Clintz
for Lyse Teria cr + 1.7M Cr/Clintz
for Dj korr cr My Kiki cr + Tessa cr + 100K

Please PM or Post for info about these trades smiley
Thanks Mods

Trade my Marlysa 0xp for your Marlysa full+complement

Make your offers in pm.
Thanks Mods!smiley

Prices are changed:

1- 2000 clintz
5- 11,000 clintz
10- 22,000 clintz
15- 33,000 clintz
20- 39,000 clintz

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