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friday 17/06/2011

Heres wut i have:

Glorg: 7,100
Kenny: 14,000
Oshitsune: 5,000
Russel (x4): 1700 each
Murray: 1,200
Phonos (x2): 710 each
Sigma: 6200
SkrumxxT: 4800
Sol Hona (x3): 600 each
TrinmkkT: 700

this amounts to:

49k in trades for 44k worth of Stella or 7 stella

PM me for a faster response
Thanks Mods for Posting

Now giving 13K instead of 10K.
Be quick, offer won't last!

1 hawk left going at 15k

Actually changing my offer.... if you have charlie, yayoi or gheists i'll be happy to trade my cards with you (all need to be full exp)... i currently have 8.5k on me aswell.

Still trying to do this trade.....all 4 cards are 0 xp.....also I am able to go to 25k clintz now along with the 4 cards

I will sell a lvl 2 dhalia for 21000 clintz if you message me

I am looking for wee lee and other ulu watu cards.
I value Robb Cr at 46k
Oyoh at 4k
El Gringo at 4k
I am looking for Wee Lee and will take 45k in cards OR wee lee and 40k clintz

Selling him for 2.5 or 3k, full exp

Yeah, im putting down the offer now, lamar cr has fallen (dah)
I am now offering lamar cr for just tessa cr

Please i hope some one is out there who wants this i can make the deal cheaper if necassary.

Have Tanaereva Cr + clintz. Price negotiable.

thursday 16/06/2011

I am just loking for jackie now

Any offers? still up for trade/sell

I'm looking for 7-8 Dallas'. I'll trade Vermyn N? PM me offers. Thanks for posting mods.

How many Jackie cr are you looking for your Manon cr smiley

Kolos (for reference)

Are you interrested by a Tanaereva Cr (pm me your answer smiley)

Close this please, i have sold the page

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