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friday 28/01/2011

I will trade fo good rescue cards and sell for 1300

A 0xp a award is mid 90's at the lowest. graks is more like 28, charlie is 26, etc. I think the difference is around 8-10k, but you're getting a CR, I'm getting pack cards.

No thanks, your about 90k off what id like for him, and i dont really want 30 noodile cr

I am willing to trade my 0 exp zatman for your any exp striker.
pm me for faster response

I sell my Rass Cr 0xp for 600.000 clintz, or i trade it for some crs.
I'm searching for:
Tessa Cr
Splata Cr
Lamar Cr
Vickie Cr

one or more of these crs + the difference in clintz or cards.

thanks mods

He is clearly using a picture of an attractive female. That makes people believe that he is the woman in the picture and do nice things for him. Just a hustle.

Still looking

thursday 27/01/2011

Sold . Close this topic. Thanks mod

All in the title, message me privatly for a quicker response...

ghumbo + kolos = 58k
jackie cr = 58k (19:40 gmt 27/01/11 )

i play once a day so if you want a response remember to message my privatly

I m selling my Morphun 0 exp for 14 500 clintzsmileysmiley

Wow...If you want soem of my latest designs it will cost 1500+ depending cause it take a LONG time, like 2-3+ hours at fast working speed with no breaks.

Still looking for REALISTIC offers.
A lot of ppl I'm hearing from are apparent substance abusers.smiley

Sorry all you unlucky people, but she sold right after I typed this up smiley Closed!

Bought, this subject can be closed, thanks

I'm looking to buy roots

I want to buy them as cheap as possible

But I will pay up to Market price

Sell my Sum Sam Cr 0xp
Starting price:1.1kk

Cards I'm looking for: Jackie, Tanaereva, Tessa, Splata, Burdock, Numar ecc

Write your offers if interested or send me a pm for faster resonse
There you gosmiley

Thanks Mods

@Wattzzz PM me.
@ Allstrsman PM me
@ Thurstkiller PM me
@ Loa_wsn PM me

I appreciate the advice Babs smiley

I would love to get a Lyse Teria Cr. She is my first choice of the 3. smiley

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