thursday 08/07/2010

I sell vickie cr 3*
conctact me to decide the prize

Xu52 for my 13 pirianas

Leviatonn for hawkins or selma

I am selling 1 Jackie for the price of 21000 clintz.+

Contact me for offers.

Title says it all. PM me if you want it.

Ok, answer me this: Will I buy this card for under 2,000 clintz right off the market next friday or not? smiley

Looking to trade my Yayoi 3* (60xp) for 1k and a Yayoi full xp.

Please private message me if interested. Thank you.smiley

I want to sell my 0exp Jeena for 1450 if you want her pm me.

Thank you

He means for sure 4k smileysmiley

I am looking to buy vickie Cr
looking for a little below market price maybe bout 100-106k
If you can help me pm me or post

Thanks you mods

He is buying those cards...he is not selling any of those cards..

I buy him for 9200 clintz message me

Already have sold.

Close this tnx.

Im payint 185k for her, it a bit under market but its what ill pay

300K clintz message me

Title gives you the jist.

willing to negotiate on price. another 60k cr or may be OK.

Thanks Mods.

Anybody want 0xp marco !

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