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friday 03/09/2010

147k smiley
or if you want to trade give me an offer


I'll trade Mindy and 800 clintz for a sledge.

Close plz

I have

all my cards for either wardom or leviatton

Sakrohm: Eris, Graksmxxt, Jautya, Na Boh, Skrumxxt, Slopsh, Wakai, Gastroboy, Petra, Nata, Ludwig, Uranus, Trinmkkt, Caciope, Murray
Sentinel: Chloe, Havok, Hawk, Coby, Copper, John, Melvin, Miranda, Owen, Dayton, Malia, William, Skiner
Ulu Watu: Lucia, Shayna
Uppers: Jackie, Nellie, Wendel, Zatman, Jeeves, Burt

Marlysa Cr full + 2 Ambrose Cr 0xp + 2Kreen Cr 0xp for 50 Jackie

PM me if interested .Dont spam here plz .

have fun .

I can offer my Lyse Terya cr full + Marlysa cr 0 xp + 200k

i can put more cards into the offer if necessary ..jus pm me n we can talk bout itsmiley

thnx mods.

thursday 02/09/2010

Hello all, I want to trade my Sum Sam Cr (full xp) and Shawoman Cr (0xp) for 15 Tanaereva(s) . Pm me or post here please...
Thanks mods..

It ended without a bid....i'll give you 160 mawpin (equal price with caelus at 19k and mawpin at 1200)

Thanks to Gent M for the general

I will buy Thaumaturge Cr for lowest price.
Send me private.
P.s. Cheaper than 50k smiley

Title says it all, pm me if you have one, thanks!

Sorry but i need all 300 nakata to be sold or trade for kerozinn cr
btw, more info:

I have 600,000 clintz, and i would like to buy your Marylsa cr.

PLEASE pm me if your interested

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