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sunday 23/01/2011

I'll trade for Kolos, Hikiyousan + 20k

This offer is negotiable

Close mode thanks smiley

I no longer need Krung, but again, I am willing to negotiate and if you are looking for any other cards, I am open to suggestions.

saturday 22/01/2011

Offering 200K, or best offer. Thanks staff, and everyone looking.

Can sell for 445 each, take 5% for selling is 387, Wanna make some money of it, so take 10% = 352.

So id buy them for 350 a piece, and thats what i offer.

Sell you an elixir for 150 ctz

These person scammed my jane ramba+smokey cr. he supposed to trade it with jackie cr......
mods must not tolerate these. now reporting smiley

Buying 2 rowdy's for 14000 each. just leave them in my private sales.

I'm open for negotiation for my Smokey Cr. but not for downgrading. need a good offer.

Im also accepting donations. thanks.

Other offers?


I wish exchange my 2 Miss Twice Cr 0xp for Vickie Cr 0xp.

Thanks, mod's

For your Miss Twice Cr:
6 Terry Cr full : 33.600
7 Amiral Py Cr full: 39.200
2 Noodile Cr full: 14.200
+ 3.000 clintz

TOT= 90.000

Newly added Puff, Lothar, Spudd

Sounds Good. Check your market.

Ah mingau we meet again smiley I usually offer a little more than the market price smiley You can PM me if you would like smiley

Can you specify what packs you buys?

20 jackie 0xp + lamar full smiley great change

friday 21/01/2011

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