monday 05/07/2010

100k in clintz + Alec cr + Shakra for Elya cr

Thx but no thx

Close plz

Here are the cards tht are left Fang Pi Clang: Sayura Jungo: Dagouba Scopica Nightmare: Melluzine x2 Sentinel: Zhang x2 Skeelz: Chwing Roots: Gertjan Uppers: Janine Junkz: Brandon

I hope this will help u guys out

I would , i really would !
but i dont have no striker

I am buying them not selling them smiley

O........... srry .... dome one bought it for 70 clintz smiley

5.7 would be closer to acceptable i think for these cards... but i wish you the best'

Well i did this lask week when the price were normal so i will a week it will drop to this price again

I will buy jeyn for 200

sunday 04/07/2010

I need him below market price smiley We can negotiate, or I'm willing to trade Eklore full XP + 7.7k for him

200 for each

I never even knew there were french forums O.o

Hello guys and gals, I am trading my Xu52 for your Wardom. Message me or post below, thankssmiley

I would say scoore for 1300 ELO or maybe 1200 every week to get the credits, make a stable DT deck for a couple of k, and market stalking. But I highly doubt you would reach even 1 million clintz in a year, even if you do every DT every day and every ELO tourney.

I have an oflgn, what you will trade for?

Close Plz

I'm interested in the trade. PM me since you "dont want to be contacted." smiley

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