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saturday 15/01/2011

Look what I fhave found on the market:

Aigwon Noel Level 1 - bought from babyblueUR - 150 Clintz.
Aigwon Noel Level 1 - bought from niobe89 - 170 Clintz.
Aigwon Noel Level 1 - bought from KoT_LadyJ - 185 Clintz.
Aigwon Noel Level 1 - bought from BP Rangiku - 159 Clintz.
Aigwon Noel Level 1 - bought from spt-SlevinK - 180 Clintz.
•Aigwon Noel Level 1 - bought from Stige - 200 Clintz.

But I want more, and I can give you more Clintz, but not 300 smiley

I'll buy all your Aigwon Noel, but only if they have no xp.
Put them in my private sales for 240 Clintz. smiley

Or shakra+700clintz
for Rolph+XU52 XD

Let's mix this up a bit, dagg + 3 scubb (3000k/each) + 4k for your caelus and tsubame? Any takers?

Why do u want him he iz so bahd

Damn, 0 xp? I leveled so many of them up.

I will trade Deea, Armand, and I have many Nightmare.

For 5 C Beast or 6 Serena

PM Me for faster response, but post here is fine.

Thx Mods

I want to buy Eloxia + Belgosi for 5000 clintz.


Hello i am looking for a Kerozinn cr for My Miss Twice Cr = 100k and 59k and a Numar = 171k or i could offer Miss Twice cr 4 Zatman and 35k= 171k aswell

I Would Like Kerozinn Cr to be 0xp but preferably Full if no 0xp

Thank you Mods , Please pm me for a faster answer !

Caelus - 24,000 Clintz
Jay - 18,500 Clintz
Praxie - 10,500 Clintz
Chiara - 8,500 Clintz
Tomas - 4,000 Clintz
Aylen - 3,500 Clintz
Eloxia - 2,500 Clintz
Please Pm Me For Negotiations


I would like to trade my Thaumaturge Cr for:
Nahi cr
Kolos and 35k
Tanaereva cr (i will add the difference in clintz)

Alec cr -
Nahi cr
kolos and 30k
tanaereva (i will add the difference in clintz)

Thanks, please PM me if you have an offer to make.

friday 14/01/2011

I thought this was a pretty good offer smiley

Mods please close.

I'll buy the lowest price? smiley

Thanks smiley

Up, i have more to add for greater cards toosmiley

Think he's buying, not selling...

Hello people i want trade my dragan cr and sigmund cr they are full exp, i search 2 tessa cr+kerozinn cr i wait your messagessmiley

thank mod

Dragan cr + miss twice cr + jackie cr for marylsa cr

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