wednesday 18/08/2010

Hello i want to buy kerozinn or vickie cr

i offer 115K for kerozinn
110K for vickie

contact me with private messages.
thanks to mod.smiley

Got them. Thanks you all and mod.

PM me indeed smiley

Trade nistarok and kenny for jackie???

I have 130 full exp Brittany

Start Price : 58500 (450 for each)
Reserve Price: 65000 (500 for each)
Buy out Price: 71500 (550 for each)

Increments of 500

End date : Friday 27th of August at 6:00 pm

Hi I'm buying Gertjan for 125 each. If the price is ok just private sale it to me. Thanks

110k for full kero or what?

Im looking to buy
Dalhia - 9.5k or below
Bloodh -5.3k or below

These are the prices when you take the 5% off so nobody loses anything

Also i have a few card for trade in case you don't want Clintz

I want to sell my Lao Cr for 780k
i want to trade it for Marlysa Cr + 185k

thank you

tuesday 17/08/2010

Got one. Please close. Thanks guys! smiley

C Wing - gone. Ghumbo Aquired.

New trades

My 8.5k + card(s) below for your...
Wee Lee
Vermyn N

My 11k + cards below for your...

Cards below
Harold, Kobalth, Oflgn, Cyb Lhia

@Sadow Strike - He is buying cards not selling them. Sigh, why are there people who misunderstand the simple concepts of Buy, Sell and Trade. smiley

Im looking for a vermyn n somewhere around 9 to 10k if anyone is willing to sell it for around that price please pm me or leave a comment

Willing to pay 23k for smokey cr , thank you smiley

Yeah.probably he means 199 666 clintzsmiley

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