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saturday 21/05/2011

All cards full, this costs 80000, if you are to buy it on the market. I might be willing to sell individual cards if you offer. I prefer money, or multiples of Ivana.

Hmmm PM me and we will negotiate...

friday 20/05/2011

Looking to sell my 0exp Tanaereva Cr for 138k. price is negotiable. im also looking for trades cards ill take special consideration on are:


thanks mods for posting

Looking for any any 0 xp 2tars from 100-150
pm me if interested

I've write "Contact me for mp if you are interested." so people could contact me if are interested for negotiate the cards

Im buying vermyn N for 15.600 clintz... pm me

As the title says just private sale it to me 350 clintz each i need like many.

thursday 19/05/2011

I sell vickie cr for 210'000 clintz

Thanks MOD smiley

Looking for 8 0xp graks smiley

Hello ! I'm selling Elya Cr for Clintz .

Elya Cr (x1) - 300k Clintz .

Feel free to offer me ! Private messaging are more prefer ! Thanks you ! Have a nice day !

**Thanks Mods for posting smiley

I'm still buying.smiley

Im willing to buy rescue cards for a cheap rescue's

kerry 10.5k
sledg 4k
suzie 800 clintz
anita 2k
elvira 2k
lea 900 clintz
steve 4.5k

price is negotiable.
if you want a fast sales then just put the cards in my private sales for the price stated above

thanks mods!!

Close please all sold

Hi everyone.. smiley

200 elke 0xp for.. 380clints/each smiley smiley

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