friday 06/08/2010

The tan man and wee lee + 2000 clintz

private message me for quick response

this will end as soon as alec cr has been sold ( i only have 1 )

Would like to Trade my Tessa Cr for one of the following

Splata Cr + Nahi Cr


Splata Cr + Selsya Cr


Splata Cr + 60K

PM me please, respond faster

1450 ea (for the whole lot only)
will accept trades of 65k+
Please PM me, the first PM will get then

thanks Peter.

Also I think i wrote it false
I search for a Smokey Cr
sry guys xD

I sell General Cr for 4,8m and Manon Cr for 1,8m both are full XP PM me. I also put them on market for 5m and 2m at the moment, so if you PM me ou will get them cheaper. smiley

That is absolutely 5 K included for a new avatar , and i will not pay for another man's haute couture smiley

Sold out ! cheers smiley

Deal sell them to me for 1050 each

How much for chiara

thursday 05/08/2010

For 6.5k Clintz + Nellie Ruby Oxen and Donnie
I technically just want to get Willy and Hikiyousan

Sorry to say but never gonna happen

Well the way you wrote it, it sound that you have a Marlysa Cr you want to trade for 550k and 3 smokey Crs. At first, people would be turned down since they know they won't be able to match the requirements.

Although, people should understand you have 550k and 3 Smokey Cr's you're willing to trade for a Marlysa Cr.

Rewording your trade will do the trick. On the other hand, Good Luck!smiley

No bidding in Zhudac's absence? smiley

Rass cr or armanda cr for marlysa without clintz!!!!

1100 each

50 for 1200 each

Close please

ALl SOld ! sos close plz

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