thursday 05/08/2010

I want to buy the said cards. Preferably at a lower price than their market value (2.1k)

Gertjan 80 clintz
Rico 400 clintz
Yookie 400 clintz


Jackie 18k?

370000 o offer trade

wednesday 04/08/2010

Mods please close

Also for sale I have mawpin 25xp till lvl up. and erzsebet's pfull 230 till lvl up.

I am buying Vholt for 15000
If you are interested just sent me private

After the change of ELO rules, I need Hikiyousan in deck.

If you have Hikiyousan and are willing to sell it in a low price, plz sell it to me. I would appreciate your kindness.

Thank you!

PM ME FOR FASTER RESULTS smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Willing to lower the price a few thousand

I'm really curious if you will get a better offer. In my opinion best case scenario is that someone will buy your card directly off the market (after the 0 xp one gets sold)

Alec cr+tanaereva+25000$ complement

I'll take that price, send them to my PS for 1775 each( that adds up to 7k1)

Actually guys, may i please only get offers of the full clans?
Im starting to collect as much as possible,

Thanks, Peter.

Sold then, plz close topic

Bought on Market, please remove or lock this topic.

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