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thursday 26/08/2010

Close please

Anyone else
highest bid is at 1100

Other trades are also possible. Please pm me if you have an available Kerozinn Cr.
Thanks! smiley

Thanks but I'd prefer a trade for Vickie CR... obviously with a fair integration..

Close this please, thx mods

Hanymann is in the lead for 900 c for Dr Saw
URA_allaballa is in the lead with 4 000 c for zinfrid
URA_ allaballa is in the lesd with 65 c for mini mosu ( Note: each must be sold for a minimum for 50 Clintz )
So 64 clintz means 64 clintz Each !!!
Cynic Wind is in the led with 1600 CLintz for fabio !!!!!

Wish you luck in your trade. smiley

Just to clear things up
Chad Bread Cr has 40 Exp and Page Cr is 0 Exp

My 0xp Ambrose Cr Dwain Cr and thaugamare Cr + I will need between 20-15K for the difference in price for a Sigmund Cr full

I would like to trade my 3 star Kerozinn CR, 0xp Seldnor CR and 0xp Copper for a Tessa CR.

Thanks mods!

PM me if you're willing to sell

For 590k. Pm me.

How many clintz are u looking for in addition? Or are the cards u asked for enough?

Jessie and Stacey for 3100 Clintz

wednesday 25/08/2010

I have all 4 stages of fuzz (2* 3* 4* 5*) all with 0xp exept 5* of course im looking for probly about 9k

thanks mods!

If your still looking for the tradde pm me

So i wanna buy 2 vermyn N for 24k which is at the moment over market price...
But those vermyns must be 1 or 2 stars so no fulled or 3 star vermyn...
Thx already...

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