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sunday 15/05/2011

Preferably pure clintz, no bulk trades

Very tempting lot but im not so keen on admiral py cr what i want is hax, aroura, kerry, marco, pastor and steve the rest is perfect but if u hve these two i would accept

Forgot to mention, Please, no silly "I will give you 1 Kamakura for your taham" or 2 kamakura, just a waste of my time and inbox space smiley

Sry man but thats almost half what shes worth

I'll take all Jeyn for 310 each. I also sent a PM.

GraksmxxT for reference.smiley

Caelus cr 0xp

Mp for change is ok

> Buy lots or separate Lucas for by 380 clints
> proposals by private message

Welling to buy Dregn 55k clintz if u have more to spare pm me pls smiley

saturday 14/05/2011

I salle my Thaumaturge Cr for 95k or trade for caelus+10k

I'm trading some cards for your kerozinn cr

jackie cr kolos kenny glorg and ghumbo

pm me if interested. thank you


Sold thanks.

I want to buy at least 15 Rosa at 1350 each


140k in my PS, will buy all

Any serious offers?I prefer selling/trading as lot

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