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wednesday 25/08/2010

I can give you 550 000 for her if you want smiley

Looking to sell Kerozinn Cr for 143k

Those cards dont even add up to a z3r0 d34d

Close this thread

I am offering a award for 4 caleus and clintz to cover diffrence

I just need Hattori now!

I need ulu watus lucia and stanly
FOR THIS CARDS deea o VOLTREx more complement

Now trading 3 nahomi for 1 tremorh

and 2 nahomi for 1 mawpin


I give u kolos +ongh for vortex clan and u give me 10 k clints

32k deal

Kolos + 11 k and its a deal

I would like to buy your nahi cr if you havent guessed,
Current Price: 56k
My price: 50k

thanks a bunch!

Up i offer 130 000 smiley

I have sold these. Don't bother asking.
Thanx anyway.

tuesday 24/08/2010

Ok... 149.000 Clintz

And put also lin xia plz

I am buying unmaxxed copies of timber for 380 clintz each.Put them in my private sales.
Remember unmaxxed copies onlysmiley

I'm offering 13k now...

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