tuesday 03/08/2010

Hello everybody, I am trading my 0xp Kiki Cr for Kiki Cr full xp + complement


You can close this topic. Deal has been done.

And also with them 2 sargh 1 pfull mawpin 3 pfull erzsebet pm me smiley

Wholy crap the only cr i have is admiral py

Iv got psylo if you want to trade for your essie

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Give u glorg for 6.2 and ghumbo for 11.2

Looking for a lot of 25 spiaggi to exchange for my jackie.
I am willing to negotiate.

Now i sold wee lee but i still have charlie and ill trade him for cooper

You can close it yourself (look on the top right)

I'll give you some Thormundssmiley

Hi, my trading cards or Sum Sam Cr for clintz listed below:

Sum Sam Cr 0 exp for Sum Sam Cr full + 60 000 clintz

Sum Sam Cr 0 exp for Sum Sam Cr full + Dwain Cr 0 exp

Sum Sam Cr 0 exp for Sum Sam Cr full + award cr 0 exp

Contact me in private. Exchange only by moderator.


monday 02/08/2010

Im selling my splata cr for about 143K perhaps, which is less than the Market Price.

Send Me A Message If your Interested smiley

For chill niva greow and barg for smokey

I'm lookking for some Skeelz and Jungo... make an offer thats even from those clans, and I'll probably accept it.

I'm willing to part with my Bogdan for your Kolos.

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