monday 02/08/2010

The Muze lot has been sold.

Also, I'm reducing the prices of the remaining lots !!! smiley

Lot #2) 100 Thormund (40 full & 60 0xp) = NOW 135,000 clintz (was 160,000 clintz)

Lot #3) 50 Piotr (all 0xp) = NOW 39,500 clintz (was 41,000 clintz)

Lot #7) 90 Ulrich (55 full & 35 0 xp) = NOW 120,000 clintz (was 125,000 clintz)

Case closedsmiley

Ill DO it !

My 45 burt 0 xp (599 each) - 26955
Looking for
Cliff 4200, dagg 18200, ofign 6100 any xp - 28500

If you trade all 3 new bloods ill add a baldovino 0 xp.

Thanks for Haku_OK smiley

Mods you can close this, thank you for moderators and Haku smiley

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

Austinssd is the winner with 40k

Thank you

pm me
Please don't post here I don't really check
Price is negotiable
Thanks mods

sunday 01/08/2010

Hello, I am willing to trade Nistarok and 3.5k for Kerry, pm me or post belowsmiley

Its been sold

I will give give 15 0 exp Thormund.I want 15 0exp Stacey.
Thanks mods.
PM me or post here(I prefer PM).
Other offers can also be listened to.But first priority is Stacey.


3 at 0 exp....2 or so at some lvl and the remaining full

"Lolz only serious offers plz" This was directed to only Vladster007

Looking for 18 of them

I'll buy any askai for 1050 clintz. just put it in my private sales.
thanks mods.

Any more info contact me on urban rivlas

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