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wednesday 01/09/2010

This was a long time ago...

tuesday 31/08/2010

I'd give you 150k for your lot of Greow. pm me and let me know

Pm for faster service

I am selling my full kerozinn for 145k or a 0 exp vickie cr + 5k

A good start, but short. You can use your newfound Tanaereva wealth to make up the difference, of course smiley

Hello guys and gals, I have 14 Mawpin and I would like to trade them for 1 Ongh. Thankssmiley

Looking to purchase Dalhia cheaper than market price. 8-8.5K pm me

I'm looking for Zatman if you have him and don't wont him i cant accepet him for 7000 (soon to be more)
If i have more when we deal we can work things out!!!
You frindly Neghborhood miterman

I will trade my ambre lv 3 2000 xp for Ghumbo,Oshitsune and Nistaork +1000 clinz

I am selling a lv 4 Eloxia for 16k, price is negotiable

Yep title say it all PM if u r willing to sell at this price

Yea, i have a 0xp sigma, and i need to trade her for a petra( i know they don't add up, so i'm willing to compensate)
pls, i need her fully leveled.

I want to buy Flesh Pimp for or lower 500 clintz

PM me if you are selling.

Is there any way i could buy an Alexei for 500 i need a 0 exp on hes below 575 in market as we speak if so send him in private sale to me when you get online

Anyone ?

Sorry, the price was 650 last time i checked. I'll sell Hugo for 300

Tessa cr? interested? let me know

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