sunday 27/06/2010

I am looking to buy any 4* card at under full xp, I don't care if it is 0xp or half full. I will pay 225 per card - just send them direct to my private sales.


I would trade you Bogdan for Elvira + Vinny + 1.5k

For Bogdan Grudj and Baldovino I would charge you 7k

Anyone? smiley

Ok, send to my private selling.

I'm willing to 26 Mawpins for a Jackie and Zatman of any XP. PM me and we can make a deal

I forgot to say I am offereing clintz for those cards

saturday 26/06/2010

Agree with u xan946
18k is so not a good deal

1500 deal

Send me a message with price please.

Anyone else? i have 175 Hawkins Noel all @ 0Xp

Any one?

Sold. Moderator please close this thread.

And once again, people do not read the posts. He is BUYING, not SELLING.

As the title says....I would like to trade a Cassio Cr with full xp into a Tanaereva with 0xp.

Please pm me if you are interested.


A deal has been made, thanks everybody

Guys.... wait first... A customer is offline and he is still making his decision about buying all of the cards I posted....

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