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monday 13/09/2010

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Looking for Raeth for 2k.

sunday 12/09/2010

"An error occurred during the sale of X level X. In order to prevent cheating and abuse, you can sell up to one characters on the Market per day. Your first purchase of credits from the Shop removes this limit.
1)How can I fix this problem and sell more than one character per day?
2)If I do have to buy something, is it possible to use an iTunes card to do it?
3)What are the steps of freeing up this error, pref. a payment with iTunes money!

Nakata or onyx or c blade

Good offer


J buy your olfgn 4000/tete
c wing 4000/tete
deea 2500/tete

Mods please close

Sum Sam CR 2* 0 Exp

i'm looking for a :
> Lamar Cr full
> Vickie Cr full
> Alec Cr full
> Jackie full
> Tessa Cr full
> Kerozin Cr full
> Slyth full
> Miss Twice full
> and 250k clintz if they have, otherwise I would play cards a few more select

Thanks for the advice smiley

I only want c wing right now and im going to pay 3850 clintz for him the price is negotiable pm me with your offers

Buying Elliott - 150 clintz per head
Send me private and thanks

P.s. this one can be closed,thanks you smiley

Buying Dacotefor 850 Clintz. He can be any lvl. Pm me.....

It's of course possible, you can contact me for a negociation


I want to buy a Dwain Cr (0xp) smiley
The price on the market is very very bad.
We can see that the week's price is "64 664 Ctz", and on Zapatan, we can see that Dwain Cr is betwin 65 000 or 70 000 since few month ago.
It's the same price for a full xp.

So, my offer is: 70 000 clintz to Dwain Cr 0xp

Thanks mods and player smiley

My Tanaereva 0 xp for reine cr.

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