wednesday 23/06/2010

Prices lower then the prices of the market.

Thanks smiley

Hello i'm looking for Tanaereva lower than market price..

Just post here all your offers or just put it on my Private Sales...

Thank you!!

Lol, I've been trying to find Tessa Cr for 20k for about a couple years now.. Let me know if you find it smiley

Im in search for any 4star doubles as many as you have ill buy mostly looking for

candyjack- 0xp
pm me with offers or post it here

I'll swap those three for your three (:

Please close this thread.. thanks

tuesday 22/06/2010

These are the trades I will do:
Blaaster Full for Blaaster 0xp
Willy Full for Willy 0xp
Vermyn N Full for Vermyn N 0xp
Liu Full for Liu 0xp
Lelena Full for Lelena 0xp
Anibal Full for Anibal 0xp
Lin Xia Full for Lin Xia 0xp
Cassandra Full for Cassandra 0xp
Charlie Full for Charlie 0xp
Noemi Full for Noemi 0xp
Chiara Full for Chiara 0xp
Jay Full for Jay 0xp

Close this thread pls,all of the sales are on market

Close please, mods.

Thank You!


I´m looking to trade my Aurora 0xp + compliment oder clintz for praxie and Aigwon.

thx mods!

Close please

Buy wee lee for 13k
thx mods

All had besn sold
Would you mind to close this thread mods ? Thank you smiley

I want her for 6500 -6800
i really need her cuz ive got sunder

It's done
close plz~!

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