thursday 29/07/2010

Yea there not cheap half are over market price

I#m intrestet in Jay, have Oshitsune, pan and glorg to offer!! also some clintz, if ur intrested write me a pm with a good offer!! smiley

Now im looking for katan and i still have jeeves and zlatar

Please close, thank you guys


Make it 21100 and you got a deal

I'll do this

Bought her smiley close this mods

Switz Cr for Jackie?

Close please

Wait........... opps never mind abou the cr.. I was thinking of smokey cr being banned smiley

Hmmm nah can't take sorry smiley

1 Robb 0xp + 1 Oyoh 0xp for your greow

wednesday 28/07/2010

1/2 to get to 4.5k!

HAODblack gets the set for 3.5k

I can offer 6 jackies for dragan

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