wednesday 28/07/2010

Good luck with that man.... you're really over pricing your cards.. 2 Heergn = Hattori
anyways i won't continue with the rest... the only thing that might be decent is 19K

Technically the artists can sue anyone who sells there artworks whether it be online or not

Ok how about burger for, say, 1500? deal!

This can be close since I got everything that I needed, thankssmiley

Ill give u 200 clintz

Man alec cr is 49000

Ummm , i repeat please close mods , thank you

smiley Hello everyone, i'm in need of a kolos if anyone has a spare, i have about 13.2k clintz and can add in a glorg to sweeten the deal. Serious offers only please.

155k for lamar message me if interested all i got

It's alright, I alright got everything. Thanks though...

Guess I'll close this.

Please closesmiley

100 each. Just put them in a private sale if you want to sell them.


Put a Bloodh in my private sales for 50 please. He is around 6k on the market right now.

Dude blaaster price 15000
the two people you offered 7000
thats not even half srry but good luck tryin to trade

Im mean 3000 clintz srry

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