friday 18/06/2010

Done. thanks Wolverine.

My max exp Marina for a 0 exp Marina. Any1 willing to trade plez do reply or PM me.


I want to trade my 0exp Selsya Cr for full exp Selsya Cr + 15k - 20k in clintz
Pm me

Thanks Mods

Wrong subjectsmileysmiley

I think I messed the whole ofter.. let me put you this way:

My nightmare collection (incluiding the glorg) atm is 44 k.. I'm oftering 5 k clintz more= 49 k plus methane= 51 k plus a free lost hog if you make me an ofter within the next 5 hours

Close this mod tnx i have enough for now smileysmileysmiley

My offer still stands

thursday 17/06/2010

One or more card listed not in possession.


General section:


Zhang can be sold for 600 clintz!

Zack = sold
Veronica = sold
Benson = sold


I'll sell Zhang for 420

I am sellin 41 0 exp sigma for

3000 each (123k)

will only sell as lot

I will buy 1 Dorian for 5300. Any1 willing to sell me plez do reply or PM me.


Thanks again, but I'm not very interested in the lot of Sleam's

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