friday 23/07/2010

Never mind

Making a new thread so i'm closing this one.

Mods plz close

Please close.. i already got 1.. tnx

I am in need of one Rubie. I will pay upto 1835 clintz for one.

Want to know a bright side? he is only worth 117 clintz

thursday 22/07/2010

Still doing the trade

Hello , i buy some cards :
smockey Cr

i haven't got lot of money
you can send a messages

Reserve wasn't met. Mods, please close, thanks.

1000 mac hen smiley

I will sell my charile to you for 50 clintz to be nice

I would like any card for 300 clintz or lower pm me if you want to sell i card to me below 300. I would love a kolos for 300 clintz if you have many kolos thanks!!!!!!!!!!smiley

He wants to BUY the card, not SELL it smiley

Lock please smiley

Mods, please close bought caelus

After buying 4 Titanium Boosters i recived multiple Rolph for my GHEIST/Nightmare Deck. Too bad i already have one. I am looking for any Draheera and will trade a LVL 2 Rolph.

Good Things to Get here !

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