monday 14/06/2010

Come on, please i really need cheap cards to get my collection going.

if you want faster results, pm me and post here.

30 pieces for 50000

PM me if interested

Hello. I am giving a Seldnor Cr for these 2 cards, Kolos and Oshitsune.
Yeah,i know that the price of seldnor is the price of Kolos alone, but being a Cr, its value can only increase in time.


Hey, i'm looking to buy Tanaereva for 32,000.
I know it's a little under the market price, but if you need the clintz and want a quick sale, i can buy him straight away.
Anyways, if you are interested, please pm me or put him in my private sales and i'll buy the first one.
Thank you.

sunday 13/06/2010


Like written Above I'm looking for a Marlysa Cr.
I'd prefer a trade And can offer different Cr's or other cards.

2x Vickie CR
2x Splata CR
Kerozinn CR
Dragan CR
Miss twice CR
Alec Cr

I also got muliply cards of Jackie the blue Tan man or bulks of Oshitsune/Tremorth/Sigma
Just PM me for a faster responce

Nvm this is pointless no ones intersted xD

Ill give you kenny kolos striker and mariana + 3k for your 0exp alec cr

Close please, thx smiley

Ulrich is sold

I only have 615 clintz, but i like Pirana cards. So anyone mind to sell me some cheap Pirana cards?
Thanks if you do!

I have all the jungos if you wont to trade pm me

Close please!

I got some piranas if you're interested

You can close this now mods thx

I have petra and will be willing to sell her for any price to you smiley

I will keep this on for three more hours then close it.smiley

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