wednesday 21/07/2010

Only Sireen, Orlando and Mojo are left. I will sell them altogether.

Looking for Smokey Cr... Clintz shall be added by one of the sides.

My Terry Cr for your Ratanah

I just bought a new blood pack and i got a dagg smiley

but as i am an ulu watu collector i still dont have the money to buy tanaereva smiley

so i guessed if someone want to trade just tell me smiley thx

note:i never traded please if some could tell me how to trade i would be really grateful smiley

Closed.. Morphun sold on the market before anyone made a deal.

I would like to trade my 20 stacey for 25 mawpin
i also have 9 baldovino up for trade for jay, corvus, aigwon, chwing and 3k

Trading Bulk Sayura (7smiley roughly around 13k,
and a Rescue ELO deck roughly around 24k (Here's the preset - rescues sin stop)
for a Swidz Cr 0xp

Pm or post here if you are interested.

I am looking to trade my lyse teria cr for guru +, however, a good deal with any of the big 5 is worth hearing smiley

please pm me


I am trading my 0 exp Collectors for your full exp Collectors + small complement. Really small = about 1% of the value.

So if you want to have flawless 0 exp collection or if you want to make screenshots when leveling up a Collector - let me know ! smiley

name of the card + exp I want to trade for Full - the value of complement
Elya 2* - trading for Elya CR full + 950 clintz
Berserkgirl CR 2* - trading for Berserkgirl Full + 3.550 clintz
Scarlett CR 0 exp - trading for Scarlett CR full + 19.000 clintz
Shawoman CR 0 exp - trading for Shawoman CR Full + 6.000 clintz
Ndololo CR 0 exp - trading for Ndololo CR full + 5.000 clintz
A Award CR 0 exp - trading for A Award CR full + 800 clintz
Rass CR 0 exp - trading for Rass CR full + 5.800 clintz
Armanda CR 2* - trading for Armanda CR full + 3.450 clintz

If you are interested, let me know via PM ...

Oh i can trade for - Jay, corvus, chwing, aigwon and 3k

Tradining hawkins+3k for verman n 0xp or level 2 pm me

I made a deal with MasterGTX.
Now i regret having posted this.

Close the subject thanks.

Close pls

I have her , but not for this pricesmiley

I've got Yookie already

tuesday 20/07/2010

I am buying doctor saw from gheist as cheap as possible please havn't got too many clintz left =(

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