saturday 12/06/2010

I am buying a Baldovino 0xp. yah so PM me your offers, (i want it for around 3500) thanks!

It can go cheaper if you buy them all smiley

I'm willing to trade or sell a Hel full stars for 500 clintz or another card in her price range. Comment if you're interested, then if I accept, I'll PM back.

Ill trade my 1 star Scopia for a three star Scopia
Please mail me if anyone accepts

If you wait untill he is out of NB and wait like a month (3 release) he will be 200-250 each smiley_6

Whose buck is he jungo and do u have any jungo i could buy

Close please thx

As the title says
pm me for faster transactions

Looking to trade my untouched Lao Cr with 0xp for a Fully Evolved Lao Cr and a Compliment Card.

Please pm or post on this board with any reasonable offers


2 0xp kolos for miss twice

I have:
7000 clintz
2 Jessie - 4500
Ghumbo - 14000
Emeth - 10000
Hikiyousan - 10000
Shayna - 6200
Lin Xia - 9800
Bodenpower - 2200
Willy - 4950
Hattori - 4700
Kerry - 6900
Aurora - 5200
Stacey - 4200
Blaaster - 11999
Jane Ramba - 5895

I Want:
Kerozinn Cr full xp






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