monday 19/07/2010

Buying Bangers
And or trading off the beggining montana/ nightmare cards and C Blade

Thanks MODS!

That is ugly AllKnowingGod ! :S
@jmod1993: I GOT IT!!! ahaha

many thanks to the player smiley

You can close this Mods !

All or just one of them?

Make an offer for how much you would sell them to me

They are currently at 1499 and there are more for 1699

so ill offer 1399

Just Manfred and Chiara now.
Got the rest.
Prices are same

My Ghumbo for Copper + 1k clintz.

I offer Scarlett Cr + some cards from my sales smiley PM if you want to make deal smiley

Please post this under Strategy and Tactics: General

Please make a new thread and write:
Which cards are still available
How much you want to sell for in clintz;
Which cards you are willing to trade for.
It must not be necessary for players to ask for prices, it must be clearly written in your thread
Thanks smiley

I will take Shakra if you still have it

I would like a caelus, and to offer i have
10 baldovino smiley
5 full
5 0exp, please pm me as i will probably not check this smiley ty

I got yayoi interested?

Fine, ill take el gringo and loma noju for both 50k

I would take it thank you very much.

Lao full + 150k in complement? C'mon... his complement values 10k, not more smiley

I really need this pm me or msg me at bottom

I have 64 orlandos now

I want to trade 130 Brittany (300 each (full exp)) for a Smokey Cr and a Dalhia


Soz guys, its gone!

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