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sunday 29/08/2010


I have a 0xp alec cr smiley just pm me...dont think he is going anywhere

PM me if you're still selling them

All max xps

and man u 12101 up please

saturday 28/08/2010

Now x 58 and still 188 each or all plus 4042 clintz for sylth.

URA_allaballa....if you have her why did you send this message " i dont have or want :/ "

CivicPup...thanks for the help

I have Eloxia closing thread

I'll trade ya for Tyd, Tula, Bloodh, and Andsom. What you want on the list?

Yeah... i need to sell her very quickly, full xp, will sell for about 19k( negotiable) or trade for any card with valued from 18-20k( compensation is welcomed and provided)

Yes we do bad deal

I sell my beltran cr for 57500 cash or exchange it in cards for 59000
i sell my page cr for 22500 cash or exchange it in cards for 24000

thank modsmiley

I got spiagini who do u have to trade for him



All for 9k clintz
or Root/Junkz worth just about that

Thank smiley

Ok ill add up a dalhiasmiley

Yoo ill take Petra: 2600
Sigma: 2500
Uranus: 7300
private sale me when u can thanks

You can hassle the prices lol..

Looking for around 60k in offers. Can also be sold in groups of 30+.

Thanks. smiley

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