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monday 16/08/2010

I would like to buy vermyn N for 10.5k

sunday 15/08/2010

I'll give u dagg for it pm me

Ok guys thanks for helping a lot up till now so i will re list what I'm still looking for:
I'm buying these for 145 now to speed things a bit more
All Stars: Ashley, Frank, Cesare, Kimberley, Amelia
Bangers: MC Decay, Syd Noze
Fang Pi :Lihoi Chun, Natrang, Endo, Sayura
Freaks: Dacha Macha, Nanastasia, Zoltan, Kharl, Miss Ming
GHEIST:Meyen, Morlha, Vryer, Gheistling, Lilith, Nina, Platinum
Jungo: Borss, Boohma
Junkz: Acid DC, Nobrocybix
La Junta: Nikki, Diego, Winston
Montana:Simon, Gary
Nigthmare: Erzsebet, K Cube
Pussycats: Svelthlana, Alice, Tania
Rescue:Joana, Denise, Wesley
Sakrohm: Ingsthra, Pulsar, Globumm, Thomson, Nimestiec
Sentinel: Amy, Tobbie, Klaus, Luis
Skeelz: Jessica, Deebler, Liam, Milton, Sandro
Ulu Watu: Ice Jim, Janice
Uppers: Colin, Mickey T, Samantha, Zlatar

On a bit more serious note:
I'm looking for a Raeth
Also looking to sell or trade these so leave your offers

C Blade

Just as the title says. Anyone willing to trade?

Sorry guys, she's gone.
Thanks everyone !

I'm Willing to trade Thaumaturge Cr, Dwain Cr and Beltran Cr for Lamar Cr

Just make offers if i think its good ill take it but to be spsific im looking for gheist parinas sentail

Please close this thread mods. Thank you.

Thanks Buyer, please close

I didn't even needed to read the bio to know that she was a Geishasmiley

Card's gone for Marly + 15k in cards (for future reference). Thread can be closed.

Hey, I'm buying a Chiko Cr
for 5k clintz.

anyone who has an extra and needs fast clintz. just put it on my PS or post and pm me
so we could still talk.
Thanks Mods smiley

I give dorian for gil pm me if you are intrested

[SALE] + title
Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

I already PMed him abt an hour ago saying almost the same

Is it 0xp ?

I have Ongh

I have


what you offer

Dude, Olga is worth 600 more than Clara right now

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