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saturday 14/08/2010

Close this thread please

Are you willing for a swap if so i will inform you what i have

Pm me for a fast response

Please Close

Just saying you could do better cards to trade because, this card is not that great but just saying make a good deal!

No one has a Selma they can sell for 5k?....


I was working until now sorry, but I send you Marlysa Cr now. Thanks for trade. smiley

friday 13/08/2010

I give a chikko and a amiral cr too smiley

Buying Massiv at 0 xp for 500 each. I'll take up to 3 max. pm me if interested.

Thread closed.
If you have any complains you know where to go. http://www.urban-rivals.com/staff/contactus.php

Lol. it's like asking for a Dj Korr Cr for a kolossmiley

Please anyone, buying nahi cr for 55,000. Pm me if interested smiley

Thanks Mods. smiley

Name your price*

Buying xu52 for 4k-4.5k

Close ty

Yeah, since Kate takes much care of the newbies, she want get paid from everyone. Also this is to prevent an inflation.

For your kerozinn cr:
100k + some cards
or just 115k

I Buy Kerozinn Cr for 90k plus 2 Draheera

Send me a PM

I have alec cr and will trade for smokey cr and kenny

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