saturday 17/07/2010

I buy FOR 2O,000 CLINTS . PLEASE !!!!

Change the 20k to some cards and change Mawpin and we'll see if we can reach a deal.

KK TCGA Zero gets Jeff for 40 clintz of the market price. Have a good day. and see you later.

I buy for 20k . PM ME IF YOU WANT smiley)

Will buy!!! For 19.000

Thank you Alversken. So let's make it like this: Every card 100 clintz above your current market price.

I will buy your Volt for 23.5k

I'm willing to trade Eyrton,and Oyoh for Enzo and Don

Manfred, please write the exact date and time. Please

I have minesmiley

For 2kerozinn cr I offer 3 nahi cr 0xp(180k) +4 chikko cr full(7k each).PM if interested.Also specify if they are full or 0xp.

Do you collect junkz

friday 16/07/2010

Please close this one

I'm willing to trade Beltran Cr for Dagg and C Wing

Where did u get that pack

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