friday 16/07/2010

Please close this one

I'm willing to trade Beltran Cr for Dagg and C Wing

Where did u get that pack

Send me them in privet sale

I seLL for 35k PM FOR YOUR RESERVE smiley)


What level and experience?

I want to buy a lot of bridgets looking to buy for 290 each dont matter what xp they are

Thanx mods. Close now.

Tessa Cr 0xp
Clintz Sale 200000
Cards 205000

I will accept Cr cards such as Vickie, Alec, Smokey or smaller high value cards such as Jackie.

Please post your offers here or pm for a faster response.


@TiMM1:I don't have that kind of money.

@ TCGA Zero: I would like only 1, thank you very much

I have 2 Janices, 1 gertjan, and a niva 3* though (shes a double)

Close this please smiley

I will buy any Angie at any xp for 1000 each, just send them to my private sales.

To all those who say I have _______cr please make the offer my post is what I have for trade. Z-man z I'll consider it but probly will..

Hi. I would like to buy the followind Rescuers, at the following prices>

Alex Cr, 41 k
Beverly, 500
Cliff, 10k
Tanner, 600
Anita, 2.5 k
Bobby, 800

That is that. Sell them to me at those generous above market prices and I will buy them.

Hi!! I would like to buy Smokey Cr for 30k. Just put it in my private sales at that generous above market price and I will buy him

I have 1. Sell it to ya for 9.5

Forget the last remark. I would likely buy the rest of the clan's collectors, for 2 k above current market price

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