monday 07/06/2010

Got the cards I need, please close.

sunday 06/06/2010

I bought 235 Sigma at 3.5K and less.
So ilost alot of money.

Yes, The legendary (supposlfy) Wattz Lost money.

I'll wait it out. Like a friend said to do...

Your vickie cr for my vholt coby copper hawk melvin owen lehane jay rowdy gil Tremorh gibson Uranus

I will sell my vansaar for 350

SELL VINCE for 3800!!!!
Anyone WANTS IT????

Full? 0xp?

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[SALE] = sale
[BUY] = buy
[PURCH] = purchase
[EXCH] = exchange
[AUCT] = auction

We will REFUSE all subjects without tags.

If eny one would like to trade all uppers clan for vickie cr please send me a message saying that you would like to do the trade.

I'm alright - I've got the cards I needed now smiley

Thanks everyone - you can lock the topic now smiley

All sold, thread closed.

Close this plz

Hilarious ian, to be clear, it would be better to make a new thread

Can anyone give you a 2.3k card for 1.9k.... Good luck

Can someone sell me a donnie for around 900 clintz?

Lucky buyer also gets a discount Draheera at 8000 Clints.

Close no progress

These are the cr cards i am trading

alec cr cassio cr diyo cr dwain cr geuner cr page cr seldnor cr smokey cr thaumaturge cr
i want other cr cards or any other decent offers thanks

pm me with offers

Ok, 35 malmoths for 950 each, offer is still up, PM me.

I'll give yo a odile (C) if you want it.

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