thursday 03/06/2010

Close tnx !!!

3 jackie + tanaereva + alec cr for my lamar cr

28500 clintz

pm me for faster transaction.

Thanks Mods

Do you have a Caelus for sale for 20000 Clintz..

If so then PM me a private sale..and write the you are interested on this page!

Thanks!! smiley

Ill trade if u want

Ok then whats the point of a Sales/Buy/Auction thread??????????

if it wasnt for ppl 2 buy or sale at a little lower price than market. for that close this thread and everyone buys off the market.

whats the point of BUYING If we have the market.

be4 ppl jump on this and cause chaos i jus want to clear the air a bit. i am not trying 2 start a fight, im not trying 2 be a troll but im afarid im already claasifeld as one. my point is dude that ur logic MAKES SENSE my point is THIS IS A BUY THREAD ON A Sales/Buy/Auction thread. and on the same note im only asking for 200 clintz below im not even trying 2 scam.

thanks for ur input dude. and i am sorry for coming off aggerssive but i think its needed.

I offer ombre cr for your kero!

wednesday 02/06/2010

Mainly looking for Tessa Cr but will entertain trades with high value Cr's and possibly Tanaereva/Jackie

Sensible offers only please.

Close this please I found an offer I really liked and I traded. smiley


Rot wthhappen won with 4 smokey cr which is 110k thanks all

Ill trade Wendy for Gabrielle

Need a kenny for 10k i might have 11k by the time of your reply. please mail me.

I am going to buy emma 0xp for less the market price, which is is right now at 1500 PM offers and if i agree private sale! thanks! really need one for a new deck thanks!

Ghumbo 0exp and 7k is my offer

Omi - n ty
maverick - n ty
Halirious - ill give u if u want Caelus Smokey and 5 Ulrich

Close please mods ....

i got her for 99999 clintz! A bargain!smiley

C'mon, I'm really not asking for too much here.

Cassio Cr 0xp + 2 Zatman 0xp

Looking for a level 1 Hattori with 0 XP for 4000 clintz or less.
Or, if more interested in trading, I have:
Loma Noju lvl 1, 0XP
Kinjo lvl 5
Lost Hog lvl 5
Ottavia lvl 1, 0XP

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