friday 09/07/2010

Contact me on pm

Trading 6 tremorhs

Looking for sigmaj and mawpinssmiley

12 for 1600 each...

19k for the lot...

thanks mod smiley

Close please.

Plz guys i need urgently

Ill take 8 for 800??

XU52 4,000 each.

Clintz or Cards of equal value accepted.

I'v got
6 0xp tremorphs
1 full tremorph
i'll give them all away for
8 sigma
8 mawpin
these are negotiable in my pms and here
i'm also willing to throw in clintz smiley

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Got one mods pls close thx

I'm looking to trade my cards for lehane 0xp

1 Mawpin 0xp = 1 Lehane 0xp
1 Oshitsune 0xp = 6 Lehane 0xp

Pm me for faster response or post here for offers

Close this sold lamar

Can be closed ! smiley All sold


thursday 08/07/2010

Want to buy Tessa cr or lamar cr for lower than the market smiley please PM .

ill pay clintz + cards or only cards or only clintz price will be 170k clintz or so for ech .

Pm please .

Ok >.> i guess no one wants them !

2* Jeena for 1350 clintz
3* Taham for 4150 clintz

Prices are negotiable, PM me if you're interested.

I sell vickie cr 3*
conctact me to decide the prize

Xu52 for my 13 pirianas

Leviatonn for hawkins or selma

I am selling 1 Jackie for the price of 21000 clintz.+

Contact me for offers.

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