monday 31/05/2010

26,250, currently 27,750

You must send it to me or you can't really get any clintz...

Buying Alec cr for 49k clintz sell him to me privately if your interested

Hi all

i sell 15 lulabee



thx modo smileysmiley

Will entertain other offers esp. skillz

This post is almost 4 months old and the Lamar has long been gone smiley

This subject is closed.

I need your sigmund

Buying Smokey Cr for 27,317 Clintz

PM Me smiley smiley

Wow the price dropped a lot

Selling a full xp Dahlia for 95% of whatever the current market price is.

Make that 1,450 each..

Please close this mods

sunday 30/05/2010

2 messages

Close plaease mods!!!smiley

I already sell, you may close this topic thanks smiley

They all sold

Lol i said buying u shuld read the post

Hehwe no pm yet

Well ill close this one to no ones interested

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