monday 05/07/2010

Thx but no thx

Close plz

Here are the cards tht are left Fang Pi Clang: Sayura Jungo: Dagouba Scopica Nightmare: Melluzine x2 Sentinel: Zhang x2 Skeelz: Chwing Roots: Gertjan Uppers: Janine Junkz: Brandon

I hope this will help u guys out

I would , i really would !
but i dont have no striker

I am buying them not selling them smiley

O........... srry .... dome one bought it for 70 clintz smiley

5.7 would be closer to acceptable i think for these cards... but i wish you the best'

Well i did this lask week when the price were normal so i will a week it will drop to this price again

I will buy jeyn for 200

sunday 04/07/2010

I need him below market price smiley We can negotiate, or I'm willing to trade Eklore full XP + 7.7k for him

200 for each

I never even knew there were french forums O.o

Hello guys and gals, I am trading my Xu52 for your Wardom. Message me or post below, thankssmiley

I would say scoore for 1300 ELO or maybe 1200 every week to get the credits, make a stable DT deck for a couple of k, and market stalking. But I highly doubt you would reach even 1 million clintz in a year, even if you do every DT every day and every ELO tourney.

I have an oflgn, what you will trade for?

Close Plz

I'm interested in the trade. PM me since you "dont want to be contacted." smiley

Ill buy them, just pm me when you are ready

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