thursday 27/05/2010

Close it plz, mods smiley

Selling Sung Tsu from the fang pi clang for 1535 or trade for something good offer ends 48hours from now

wednesday 26/05/2010

I have Jonas, Muze, Veronica, and Wilhem. pm me with offer for faster response

I have a Smokey Cr, level 3, and want a Kolos. PM me if you're interested.

Buying for 147k + caelus 0xp. PM me

Thanks mods smiley

Im buying zacks for 325 clintz just put it in my private sales

Iam planing to buy Estalt for about 500 clintz
if u got pm,i take him full or 0 exp

hot 36 messages

Close thanx mods!!smiley

Offering Smokey Cr 0xp, 5 Ghumbo 0xp and 2 Jackie 0xp for the lot.

Close it, they are solld

Thanks Yami!! smiley

I've got myself a Miss Chloe!!


Iam sorry ive sold them all smiley
please this subject

This is an auction thread and this thread should be closed and you should make a new one because you should follow the rules in making a auction thread

there should be reserve bid, end of date and time.

Trading 4 Nightmare half Deck (12 stars)

Oshitsune (R) (current market price: 8100, my price: 8000)
Azgroth (U) (current market price: 7474, my price: 7300)
Phyllis (U) (current market price: 5600, my price 5500)
Eadh (C) (current market price: 880, my price: 870)

Total worth: 21670 clintz

for a single Jackie (R)

Current market price for a Jackie (R) min 23250, discount to 23000 for easy conversion

I will add 1330 for it but if somebody pm me and its 3 day from the start of this thread, I will instead give you 2000 clintz.

The trade will close approximately 1 week from now, thats 05/31/2010.

Seriously, this is a good deal guys, I'm being a tiny little bit generous.

Note: SInce I don't purchase credit, sale will be done 1 cards per day, thats a total of 4 day, 50 clintz each, I will pay you back 200 (so you basically sell the Jackie (R) for 1530 if you are late but if you don't then is 2200 for you)

Close please thanks mods

Lol i cant pm u cuz u dont want to be contacted

Looking to finish off my Jungo mono and expand my Jungo Collection so I need Wendy Sylth and Ongh , for now.

Market price of Wendy is dropping steadily So I'm looking to pay between 2k and 2.4k Clintz (where I estimate her price will end up, other offers are welcome)

Ongh and Sylth I'm looking to pay between 15k and 20k Each

I also have a Tanaereva for sale you can offer on.

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