thursday 01/07/2010

I need cheap. if any1 willing to sell or trade for cheap contact me asap and we will discuss it.

12 Marco 0Xp for 3 Jackie 0Xp?

Sorry, close please, thank yousmiley

wednesday 30/06/2010

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Oh and i forgot. Please close, thanks.

How much you want for Shogunn brah

I got Robb from a mission and I don't want him.
I'll trade Robb max level + 750 clintz for Lulabee. I do not care what level Lulabee is.


Could you pm me if you have one and willing to sell below market price... im looking for around 30-33k for him so we can negotiate,pm me for faster responses..

Sell Vholt 26 000

It takes quite a bit of time to go up a level, even in DM

I buy Charlie

Looking for a oxp up to lvl 4 oxp, cannot be lvl 5 or lvl 4 with experience.

Looking to pay between 9k and 11k clintz, but if you wanna be super awesome and sell me a Charlie for under 9k I would not turn you down, I'd even add you to my friend list : ).

Thanks all and thanks mods.

My Ambre for Your Morphun

I'll add 2k clintz or a card worth 3k

Thanks to all the mods and interested parties

I trade my Jackie (R) FULL (lv4), Tanaereva (U) FULL (lv5), Wee Lee (U) lv4(0exp), Kolos (R) FULL (lv5), Ghumbo (U) FULL(lv5) for:
Hammer (U) lv5
El Gringo (U) lv5
Charlie (U) lv4 (with 0 exp)
Charlie (U) lv5
Ditha (U) lv5
Clara (R) lv5

i'm looking too for:
Oyoh (R)
Loma Noju (R)
Draheera (R)
XU52 (R)
Wardom (R)
Lin Xia (U)
Methane (R)
Willy (R)
Ed 12 (U)
Emeth (U)
Miss Chloe (R)
Havok (R)
Hawk (R)

send me a private message to trade with me. if u don't put in the trade AT LEAST one of the first cards(Hammer (U),El Gringo (U), Charlie (U)) it's hard that i trade for the others....

thx mods (i talk Italian and English)

I buy Vickie CR and Smokey CR at a pruce less than the shop, i can pay only cash or using my cards, max price for Vickie 95k and for Smokey 24 k

I had been made a deal, you can close this mods, thank you mods smiley

I am willing to buy your Ambre for 21k. If anyone is interested please reply or PM me.


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