wednesday 30/06/2010

Or send me private sales of your best offers - leave them for at least a day as I don't checl UR all the time smiley

tuesday 29/06/2010

I have a Lamar Cr 340xp, looking to trade for a Lamar Cr Full + 3k.
Looking to trade Dwain Cr full for an Alec Cr + 10k
3 Page Cr 0xp for 3 Jackie + 5k

Thanks smiley

About 310k for dragan
about 185k for Tessa

These prices are so high right now just wait til saturday I'm sure I can get them much cheaper...

Hello I changed the offer so it is a better deal

Write the exact price you want to sell your Tanaereva. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.

Good luck! Hope the Tan Man has served you well. smiley

This is from the different version of olga

so if you get this you won't be like this is not the card lv2

I got about 1 million clintz to spend on some cr's . I'm not gonna buy for more then what the market price is selling so don't spam me with ridiculous offers..

I buy Copper for 11k private sell me please smiley I will buy it from the one who sell it to me first.

smiley Add full Janine for 200

Just got smokey cr smiley

Still looking to trade them smiley

A deal is done please close.

I want her/him for about 4k
i already got sunder and neloe
so i need him plz say yes

Update: I buy all kind of characters 100 clintz each.

Lock i got her.

Close tnx

This Auction is over.

The reserves were not met for Lots #1, #3, & #4 so none of them will be sold.
I appreciate everyone's bids smiley

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