saturday 26/06/2010

A shawoman 0 exp ??

PM-ed you.


Need Hikiyousan in my Ulu clan, help plz!

I'm trading my 20 Angie (all 0xp)
for your
1 Caelus & 1 ghumbo

Please either post offers here or by pm smiley

4 oshitsune for 28k (all 0xp)

5 ghumboh (1lv 4 40xp) 65k

post here or pm me

friday 25/06/2010

Ill buy kolos for 20k and yayoi pm me if interested

Close please. Ty.

Sorry guys i want Tanaereva and Nanook and Buck and hikiyousan and WeelLee and Lulabee and Miss Lulabee and Stanly

The Trade Is done, and Miniz, I reply'd I said I had another Offer in my hands, I have to decide. And Ellaume and Me Finished the Deal. You should read messages smiley

CLOSED smiley

Plz close

I'm selling the whole mawpin pack at 1100 clintz each mawpin =) making it a total of 20 900, but may be we can get to an agreement.

I'm also interested in trading them for cards of the clans: Pussycat, Junta or sentinel.

Ofters are discussable smiley

Thanks mods

I buy 10 for 65000

I want Tanaereva for 30000 clintz

Plzz close

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I have one at full XP

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