wednesday 19/05/2010


Thanks Mods!

I've got Na Boh, Wakai, Amanie, Don

Meesters I seek the Exception smiley

I have a 0xp copper for the trade pm mesmiley

My kolos + sylth for your alec cr, I don't care which level

tuesday 18/05/2010

I am sellikng shakra and arno. pm me for fast response.

For both, i am looking for Pesth and 1k. I am accepting clintz as well

Msg me how much yur selling him

Message me if anyone has a good deal just need Kerozinn Cr now smiley

I'm looking for a Vickie Cr or Splata Cr (dont care about xp) for a good price (ofc less than market)

Answere here or better in PVT.

Already bought one sorry.

Hi desperately after a Lin Xia been looking for ages just cant seem to get one in my price range ( 6K might be able to get up to 6.2) any1 offering ( prefferable one star ) ?
i also have cards to trade but im gonna be honest i dont really have any good ones :S

Mods Pleaseclose this due to inactivity

Hello Everybody! smiley
i have 23 terry cr 0xp, i sell them for 4200/ one or i would like to share for big cards: Kolos, Marco, Tanaereva................ or for Cr soleil....
contact me for your offers smiley
thanks mod

Send it to my pm smiley

I'll buy your Sheitane for1150 if you still have it

I am looking for

PM me or post here

Hi, i'm also selling my 47 alexei 0 xp cards for 800 clintz each, can't be sold individually, only as a lot.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, i'm selling my 30 armand 0 xp cards for 1600 clintz each, i will sell it as a whole only.

Thanks in advance.

monday 17/05/2010

I have 2 cards full xp

Pesth - 8.4k
Bloodh- 5.7k

PM me for fastest response

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