monday 21/06/2010

Its okay btw is there any1 having a glorg that they are willing to sell me?

XD anyway i search this card:

rolph and Wardom

Both were already taken

Admiral Pi Cr

My 0exp Ombre cr +10k for a full elya cr
or 0exp ombre cr for Kerozinn cr +25k


Ok PriminzTr, I messaged you, Mods plz close.

sunday 20/06/2010

Mod we can close ...

Ok, please close. but If somebody want to buy him, PM me.

If u have sayura left, ill but them both or however many you still have.


it's a great up ; )

0 messages

Hey, i'm looking to buy a Sigma for 1.2k. Please PM me and private sale me. Thanks.

Hello i search a tessa cr send me a pm when you are interessted

Plz close this

Umm i told to close this..y aint this closed?

saturday 19/06/2010

Jackie 22,000 Clintz
Ambre 22,000 Clintz
Copper 10,000 Clintz
Graksmxxt 9,000 Clintz
Direct Cash 40,000 Clintz

Total = 103,000 Clintz

All prices are based on face value at the time of viewing my collection. I also have several "Who's Who?" of the New Blood valued at 100-2000 Clintz if desperately seeking a marginal difference. Thanks in advance for any deals or offers and thank you mods for all that you do.

I want to buy the complete Rescue Clan

I offer 75k Clintz for the complete clan or 32k Clintz for all non Cr cards.

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