saturday 19/06/2010

What will u trade for kinjo and kuei ?

Sorry guys i made this thread well before vortex came out when they were 2900 apeice. i guess it didnt get accepted until now.
Mods please close

Not for many weeks... i would estimate 6-8 weeks at least before their cards become affordable for a lot of people

I agree with ye Uppers Man

When others hit these should lower in price. Small chance they will raise in price though if the other cards are just amazing, and vortex is the only deck worth using. Most likely though the prices will drop all around.

So Post your cards for trade to me and what prices you'd like for them.
Neloe is below 10k Now so my 5k offer isn't too far off, I'm sure it will drop to it soon : )
I can offer cards too Like Tanaereva. Many more, post your vortex asap. Thanks all

Selling vickie cr for 105k

Looking for a 0xp page cr starting at 22000 and no more then 22500

I have just lowered her price so if anyone wants to bid now is the time!

I need hattori in my deck but market price is too high I only have around 2000 clintz. any offers?smiley

Lol, uppers man you got owned smiley
I only count Arkn as the staple there smiley

I will take any offers for Candy Jack!smileysmileysmileysmiley

Ok, i would give now 10 Osithsine and 10 Ulrich + Page Cr 0 xp

Hi all im looking for Caelus for between 16k- 17 please PM me if interested smiley

I am willing to buy a 0 xp ghumbo for 11500. Any1 interested plez reply or PM me.


Serious offers only please, and I want to sell/trade all 100 at once.

Any price that is 2k or moresmiley under the price of smokey cr right now the lower the price the faster i can buy it

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WhaaataaaaA???????????????????? smileysmileysmileysmiley

is this for real??????????? smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Mawpin stacey pesth and vince for striker

Sorry They are All Sold
Close Plz

friday 18/06/2010

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