wednesday 12/05/2010

Close please thanks mods!

PM me and we will try and make a deal smiley

Last call for offers before I file them back into the collection smiley

I'm searching for multiple copies of jackie.. i offer in echange : cr and other cards
pm to negotiatesmiley
thx mods!smiley

I think pyrotic isnt checking this now.

Hi guys,

i'm looking to buy 6 0xp Vickie Cr for 610K.

pm me

This is more than 2 months old, I'll ask the seller to make a new thread if he is still looking for these cards smiley

I am missing Bragh and Kreen Now smiley

It looks like a fair deal. i'd do it if it's still on

tuesday 11/05/2010

Vickie cr for selsya cr and 32.9k?

Trading my Rowdy for a Leviatonn. Fare trades only please. And thanks Mods.

Anyone can offer a low price for jalil? i'm also willing to throw in a dr saw if anyone wants it


I am buying Lin Xia 6500 Clintz.

I am buying the pirana clan below market prices message me

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Sorry. 0McV is the winner. wrong name.

Ill offer 2000 for rolph
and 3700 for sigma.

pm me or post here i will check often.

any xp but full would be better.

I have all the rescue?

I'll pay 8200 for all of the cards

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