friday 18/06/2010

I think I messed the whole ofter.. let me put you this way:

My nightmare collection (incluiding the glorg) atm is 44 k.. I'm oftering 5 k clintz more= 49 k plus methane= 51 k plus a free lost hog if you make me an ofter within the next 5 hours

Close this mod tnx i have enough for now smileysmileysmiley

My offer still stands

thursday 17/06/2010

One or more card listed not in possession.


General section:


Zhang can be sold for 600 clintz!

Zack = sold
Veronica = sold
Benson = sold


I'll sell Zhang for 420

I am sellin 41 0 exp sigma for

3000 each (123k)

will only sell as lot

I will buy 1 Dorian for 5300. Any1 willing to sell me plez do reply or PM me.


Thanks again, but I'm not very interested in the lot of Sleam's

Bought it, thread ready to be closed.

Striker is in your PS

Kolos and Glorg, make me an offer, and we'll work something out smiley

Lol i want to buy vickie cr i dont have and i can do 38 sigmas for vickie

Both gone, please close smiley

Ok mods, please close
Thank you smiley

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