sunday 09/05/2010

I trade my melissa cr against a lot of nightmare ( ghumbo , pan , oshistune )
let's go !

Wee lee ghumbo and 5k for the 25 pan

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Im now offering 27, plz someone take pity

I will trade my Hax + 20k for your


saturday 08/05/2010

No thanks, look at the market and you can easily see why i ask around 900 clintz each.

I got zatman and dorian

Close please

This auction ended yesteday 7 May?

This auction ended on 6 May.

What's the card name lol. If we're paying 600 for a lvl 1 timber than that's a rip

Lol,, me too.

I'm giving 28k clintz for smokey (don't have cards to trade)

Pm me if you have any offers

I trade in bridget

I've got a 0xp Vholt,, feel free to PM me with you offer smiley

For 300
thank you

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