wednesday 05/05/2010

Pick the following trades

Striker + 2k Clintz for Kenny
Striker for Coby
Striker for Glorg
Striker for Angie
Striker for Graksmxxt

or you can make your own offer! Make it reasonable PMs only please.
Note: Can combine with other cards to make the trade.

tuesday 04/05/2010

So when does this finish?? I have exam s so I might not be able to get online for the next 2 days.smiley

I will buy the rest just put em i n my private sales

I accept these cards-
Crs-vickie cr,lamar cr,tessa cr,smokey cr.
Non Crs-Jackie or oshitsune.
PM for faster responsesmiley

Looking to trade my ambre and tanaravea for multiples of chiara and maybe some aylen or tomas but i mainly want chiara's. pm me or whatever

Are u sure

-----Start date: May 4th |
-----End date : May 9th |

[lot 1:] 139 wayne stark 0 xp (reserve: 6 caelus 0 xp)
[lot 2:] 127 hystrix 0 xp (reserve: 9 caelus 0 xp)
[lot 3:] 72 ulrich 0 xp (reserve: 7 caelus 0 xp)
[lot 4:] 67 dwan 0 xp (reserve: 2 caelus 0 xp + 2 chiara 0 xp)
[lot 5:] 285 tremorh 0 xp (reserve: marlysa 0 xp + vickie 0 xp)


+lots indivisible+

Great New Blood Packs Investment!!..

Good Luck to y'all!!

Note: If lot doesnt reach reserve price, i may withdraw my sales..

thanks mods.smiley

Please their about equal prices im only 6000 off

Oh wow i can close it. i didn't realize. smiley

How about a Sylth

I'll sell copper

monday 03/05/2010

I want 2 timbers 0xp for 220 for them both if u can help me post below or pm ty
thanks mods

I give loma noju

i want gatline

This is end


Ombre Cr 0xp
Splata Cr Full

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