sunday 02/05/2010

1 hour and 33 minutes left. make your bids quick!

Im looking to buy a smokey cr for 24k clintz please help me get this card it will be very aprrieciated dont matter what exp its at pls comment smiley


Sure ill do that so reply back i havent checked for a while pm when your ready

No one yet???

I am buying nanook for 1k

Dragan cr+tessa crsmiley

Emeth for 1 gil

I will trade u hawkins and 2k for leviatonn


Are more then one oshitsune is need for some cards?

Now, I've just 4 Kerry x 30000 or Smokey Cr 0exp

Rowdy for your Dalhia

Selbieman, stop digging out old threads please. Contact players directly if you think they still have what you are looking for

Jim cr is 66k and those cards are around 70k

Lol this thread starter sure an idiot XD

Sold, thx mods

Hi are you still selling juicy lord im interested in buying

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